Maria Island AstroWorkshop 2019

Maria Island


with Luke Tscharke and Jay Evans

24 – 27 October 2019


Shoot the Stars over four days and three nights of astrophotography instruction on Maria Island, combining an incredible mix of wildlife, history, and dark night skies.

The history of Maria Island stretches back before European settlement when the island was frequented by indigenous Australians in the summer months. The first European settlement on the island began in 1825 when it was set up as a penal colony, and later was used as a convict probation station. From the 1880s the island was used by Diego Bernacchi where he tried producing silk and wine, and finally concrete – where limestone was quarried from the Fossil Cliffs nearby. Many of the buildings used in these ventures are still present on the island today and form part of the settlement of Darlington, where the workshop is based.
The island also has bountiful wildlife where wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, Cape Barren Geese and pademelons abound. There is also the chance of seeing the ever elusive Tasmanian Devil. This workshop offers a rich experience leaving you captivated with the beauty of the Tasmanian bush and cultural history.