Astrophotography is our passion.
With years of professional award-winning experience, we expertly guide you and share the beauty of the night’s sky, teaching you how to create starry masterpieces of your own.
We travel to the most beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations across Australia, hosting some of the darkest skies on earth – perfect for astrophotography!
Whether you’re beginning your photography journey, or have some experience, join us on an AstroWorkshop and start your next adventure.
– Luke and Jay

What You Can Learn

astrophotography workshops

Whether you are just starting your journey in photography, or are looking to further develop your astrophotography skills, Luke and Jay’s hands on training will help you take your image-making to the next level.

Even if the weather does not allow us to photograph the stars (keep your fingers crossed!) you will still go home with sunrise and sunset images, and your mind bursting with astrophotography knowledge. These workshops will cover skills such as:

  • How to plan astrophotography shoots, using phone apps and other programs
  • How to photograph in the dark safely, and general seascape safety advice
  • Essential gear and equipment to capture stunning night images
  • How to focus and compose images in the dark
  • How to set up your camera to capture the milky way
  • How to post-process milky way images
  • Advanced post-processing noise reduction techniques
  • How to capture star trails and timelapses
  • How to create star trail images and timelapses in post processing

The Workshops

uluru astrophotography workshop

Uluru AstroWorkshop

4th – 8th June 2021

It’s pretty hard to beat a crystal clear night sky in Australia’s Red Centre, it’s awe inspiring. When you add iconic places like Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta into the mix, it’s pretty clear this will be a very special and memorable workshop.

You will be treated to five days and four nights (three full days total) of dedicated astrophotography coaching and tuition, both in the field during capture and back at the accommodation including post-processing sessions. With ideal timing for dark night skies and the milky way rising from behind the rock this workshop will help you take your astrophotography to the next level. With the absence of light pollution, the clear night skies in the outback really do have to be seen to be believed.

Itinerary includes:

  • Uluru (Ayers Rock) – sunrise/sunset/astro
  • Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) – sunset/astro (where possible)
  • Yulara village and surrounds
  • Optional Uluru scenic helicopter flight
  • On-location coaching
  • Image post-processing classes
  • Plus more!!
bruny island astrophotography workshop

Bruny Island AstroWorkshop

8th – 11th July 2021

Bruny Island Photography is dedicated to capturing and showcasing the Island’s unique natural beauty. Tasmania has a proud tradition of Nature Photography dating back to the 1850’s and these images have played a critical role in highlighting the richness of its natural environment and the imperative for its preservation. Our tours continue in the spirit of that tradition.

Bruny Island, itself, is a microcosm of the Tasmanian mainland. It is blessed with an extraordinarily diverse range of distinct environments – spectacular coastlines, geological wonders, beaches, rainforests, mountains, lagoons, abundant flora and fauna – a cornucopia of photographic material; all at your doorstep!

While bringing you to the many beautiful places this region has to offer, we will do our best to teach you how to take better photographs, to skilfully use your camera and equipment, and help you with post-processing. We pride ourselves on providing highly qualified photography guides to help you improve your photography.

From a chartered boat, our resident photographers will show you the geological splendour of the rugged Bruny coastline with its abundant sea and bird life – It is here that your journey begins.

Over subsequent days we will take you to some of the Island’s most scenic locations – many of which are situated on private reserves spanning thousands of acres.

Our accommodation offers spectacular settings for communing with the Island’s elemental beauty and unwinding from the day’s activities. A perfect base from which to practice, reflect upon and discuss the craft of photography with our guides and fellow tour participants.

We look forward to sharing our passion for the Island and showing you what an incredibly special place it is whilst honing your skills in the art of photography. You won’t be disappointed!

Workshop includes:

  • Boat Transfer from Hobart to Bruny Island (weather permitting)
  • Tasmanian gourmet food and drink (all inclusive including alcohol)
  • Deluxe accommodation in our private lodge
  • Bruny Island boat cruise
  • Iconic Bruny Island locations such as the lighthouse
  • On-location coaching
  • Image post-processing classes
narooma astrophotography workshop

Narooma AstroWorkshop

Enquire for 2022 Dates


Join Luke Tscharke and Jay Evans on an action packed astrophotography workshop based in Narooma, on the South Coast of New South Wales. You will be treated to three nights and two full days (four days total) of dedicated astrophotography coaching and tuition, both in the field during capture and back at the accommodation including post processing sessions. With ideal tides and timing for dark night skies this workshop will help you take your astrophotography to the next level. Whilst we can’t guarantee clear skies to capture the stars (keep your fingers crossed!), the Narooma area offers some amazing locations for photography, where we will also photograph at sunrise and sunset.

Itinerary includes:

  • Glasshouse Rocks
  • Horsehead Rock
  • Camel Rock
  • Other less known locations if time permits
  • On location coaching
  • Image post-processing classes
capertee astrophotography workshop

Capertee AstroWorkshop

Enquire for 2022 Dates


Join Luke Tscharke and Jay Evans on an exciting astrophotography workshop based in Glen Davis in the Capertee Valley, 135km north-west of Sydney. You will be treated to two nights of dedicated astrophotography coaching and tuition, not only in the field during capture but also back at our accommodation for post processing sessions. This workshop is designed to help you take your astrophotography to the next level. This is an all-inclusive workshop, all accommodation and food and drink will be provided (some conditions apply).

Whilst we can’t guarantee clear skies to capture the stars (keep your fingers crossed!), the refinery ruins, rural landscape, forest and surrounding valley wall of the Capertee Valley provides some stunning compositions for your Milky Way shots.

Itinerary includes:

  • The historic Glen Davis Works (including guided tour)
  • Capertee Valley
  • Glen Davis & Surrounds
  • On location coaching
  • Image post-processing classes

What Guests Have Been Saying

Wayne, Sydney

Before doing this course I lack the experience in Astro photography, but after spending the weekend with Luke / Jay I came away with enough experience that I can now say that I can shoot the stars. Luke showed me the correct settings and how I store them in my camera’s memory and I now use these as my starting point. Thanks Luke

David, Canberra

Very happy with the workshop and its organisation and the efforts of both Jay and Luke – I would definitely look to coming on another Uluru workshop

Stacey, Sydney

Shoot for the Stars x Uluru was an incredible experience. Luke and Jay worked very hard planning the trip and it paid (sic) off. We had some great weather and always seemed to be in the right place of the right time. The help/new ideas Luke and Jay offer both out in the field and processing is invaluable.

Wendy, Sydney

This was the first workshop that I have attended and I thought it was great! An amazing learning opportunity and I was able to produce images that not only was I proud of – but that people want to buy – and that is the ultimate compliment!

Carol, Brisbane

The workshop is extremely well planned and organised. Jay and Luke are both very approachable and are very generous with sharing their knowledge in the field and in the tutorial sessions. Was the perfect weekend workshop.

Peter, Sydney

When i received the planning notes for the 5 days, my first thoughts were ‘Wow’. And then during the workshop, especially on shoots, I found myself saying ‘Wow’. Now that I am back home at looking at some of the photos I have taken, and from the rest of the group, all I can say about this workshop experience is ‘Wow’.

Trevor, Sydney

We were so fortunate to have just wonderful conditions for the first two nights as we could have had cloudy skies which would have been so disappointing. I would have liked to photograph from some other locations to have a greater variety of images. Saying this takes nothing away from the overall experience of the beauty of the park, of being out in the Australian desert & working with two craftsmen both of whom offer so much in sharing the knowledge of their craft. Thank you Luke & Jay for your guidance, great enthusiasm & encouragement.

Chelsey, Sydney

Not only were the night astro activities well organised and a fun experience but it was a real added bonus to have day activities included – well done gentlemen.

Stacey, Sydney

Shooting for the stars was one of the best workshops I have ever participated in. Luke and Jay work really well together but both have something different in terms of Astro to offer. I have learnt and been able to apply these techniques and had a really fun time doing it.

Tim, Illawarra

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Luke and Jay’s knowledge of astrophotography is excellent and they genuinely wanted to transfer that knowledge to all the participants. My photography skills took a great leap forward in just one weekend.

David, Sydney

It was an absolutely wonderful weekend. The type of experience that forms long lasting memories. Well worth it I would do it again next year. Wonderful hosts and instructors ! The attention to our safety was appreciated.

Garry, Sydney

Appreciated the dedication the two of you put into the workshop, it was always apparent that you were determined to make it a memorable event for all participants

About The Leaders

Luke Tscharke portrait
Luke Tscharke

AstroWorkshop Leader

Luke Tscharke is a very passionate professional landscape photographer based in Hobart, Tasmania. He specialises in nightscape imagery, particularly images featuring the galactic core of the milky way and Aurora Australis. Luke has won awards and accolades for his astrophotography including being shortlisted in the 2017 Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition, and winning editors choice at the 2017 David Malin Astrophotography awards. He has had several astrophotographs published in Australian Geographic, including the magazine cover of issue 126. He has also written articles for Australian Photography Magazine and Australian Geographic on photographing the Milky Way. Luke is an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, and would love to help you learn how to capture and process better night images.

jay evans
Jay Evans

AstroWorkshop Leader

Jay Evans is an avid Landscape and Nightscape Photographer based in the Blue Mountains. With a passion for Milky Way, Star Trail and Night Sky Timelapse photography, and a love of capturing the natural beauty of Landscape, seascape, sunrise, sunset, Jay is also a keen guide, educator and conservationist. He is an accredited Uluru–Kata Tjuta National Park (UKTNP) and Watarrka (Kings Canyon) National Park tour guide and preserves special permissions for after-hours access into the park to capture the night sky over some of Australia’s most iconic landmarks. Jay also administers the Night & Astrophotography group on Facebook, organising group astro tours at easy to reach locations around Sydney, South Coast, and the Blue Mountains and is also a moderator on the ig_australia Instagram account.

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